Dear Author: Yuletide 2013

Hello Yuletide Writer! First of all, thanks for reading this! It’s going to be awesome seeing what you write J Second…I am so sorry you got me lol. I’m not hard to write for, but I admit I probably can be difficult. But I will try as much as possible to be clear on what I would like and not like. Good luck!!

I have only a few hard NO’s: rape, noncon, anything involving bodily functions, explicit sex and dubcon. I don’t mind dark fics where things are implied, but I would rather not have to actually read them.

Other than that, I am usually up for anything. I LOVE crossovers and fusions! While I do adore certain pairings, I am usually up for any kind of crossover pairing. Hell, just a crossover itself would be awesome if you have a great idea for it. Pretty much…go FREAKING NUTS.

I have to avoidance to most pairings, except what I describe in each fandom, which are below:

Wild Arms: I love this fandom. Virginia is my fandom bicycle in this one. I can see her in pretty much any relationship with any character, minus the demons and the three prophets. Maya and Virginia have such good chemistry as rivals. I can easily see Maya taking advantage of that and courting or managing to date the flustered and confused Ginny. Or maybe even Virginia turning it around on the famed Drifter? An awkward date from Jet? Or even something with Janus?

Smile Precure: Okie dokie, Happy and Peace are my absolute favorites. I just adore the cute chemistry they have, and the friendship they share. I can see them as best friends, sharing cute moments and the like. I can see Yayoi with just about anyone, so I am not adverse to a relationship between the two.

Doki Doki Precure: Oh man Regina…probably my favorite character in the show. I would like to see a kind of redemption story for Regina. I can easily see Mana trying to help her become a good person, not necessarily the precure being involved. Maybe a cute friendship fic where she takes Regina out for a fun day? Or maybe even turning it into a date?

Heartcatch Precure: Blossom…I ADORE her! She is just so friendly and sweet, and she cares a lot about her friends. I would like to see something fluffy with her, if you are going to pair her with someone I would prefer Itsuki. But this fandom…I will love anything with Blossom in it.

RWBY: I just got into this fandom, so this is one where I am more lenient. I will pretty much love anything, since I have yet to dislike any of the characters. I would prefer a non-romantic fic with Ruby and Pyrrha, if you please though. Pyrrha is just too cute with Johann.

Suikoden 3: An underappreciated game in my opinion. I would love to see a romantic fic between these two. They are my favorite characters in the whole game, and I think an interaction between the two would be absolutely great, especially with Viki’s sneezing problem lol.

I hope this helps, dear writer!!

Femslash 2013 Letter

Hey there! I can’t believe I forgot to write my letter…I blame life lol.

But I like to think of myself as fairly easy to write for. I have only a few hard NO’s: rape, noncon, anything involving bodily functions, explicit sex and dubcon. I don’t mind dark fics where things are implied, but I would rather not have to actually read them. Other than that, I am usually up for anything. I LOVE crossovers and fusions! While I do adore certain pairings, I am usually up for any kind of crossover pairing. Hell, just a crossover itself would be awesome if you have a great idea for it. Pretty much…go FREAKING NUTS.

No real avoidance to pairings, and I don’t mind multiple relationships or threesomes or moresomes. Harems are perfectly acceptable.

Now here are my thoughts on each of my fandoms:

Elenium/Tamuli: Okay, I love this fandom. It is my favorite series of books and I adore each and every one of the characters. I would love to see any kind of relationship. I would prefer the canon pairings to remain intact, though I can see the girls having some fun on the side for one reason or another. But yeah…I will love ANYTHING with these characters.

Wild Arms: Again, love this fandom. Maya and Virginia have such good chemistry as rivals. I can easily see Maya taking advantage of that and courting or managing to date the flustered and confused Ginny. Or maybe even Virginia turning it around on the famed Drifter? Cecila and Jane is another pairing I really like. I would like to see them having a tender moment, or even being silly with each other. Raquel and Yulie…these girls need a happy scene together.

Precure: Yeah…this is another one where I could love anything. HOWEVER, I do have a preference for Dark Precure. I think I would like to see a redemption fic for her and Regina, the two girls helping each other to put aside their dark pasts and start anew.

Symphogear/Tokyo Mew Mew: Again, I would love anything. I am rather new to these fandoms, in that I am trying to catch up with a great deal so really I would be fine with anything from these two fandoms.


Blasters and Wands Letter to the Author

Hey there!  First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm hoping this will help make my requests easier to understand and do. I'm very excited for this swap!  I am very eager to read/watch/listen to what you have to offer :)  Below are pretty much the thoughts I've had for my sign up.  Now, I have nothing against any kind of fic, art or other form. 

1. Doctor Who Classic: 5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric were personally my favorite grouping during the series.  I do prefer 5 and Nyssa in a romantic pairing, since I think they have the most chemistry.  However I do imagine that Adric may have a cute crush on Nyssa due to her intelligence.  Tegan I think functions as the sort of older sister of the group, protective of her friends rather than a romantic interest.  However I can see her in a relationship with Nyssa.  I'd be interested in either a romantic fluff or just a fun moment with the TARDIS crew.

2. New Who: I just really want something featuring Oswin.  I absolutely LOVED her character in Asylum.  I am game for just about anything with her.

3. Star Trek: Okay...I am NOT a Spock/Kirk shipper.  I think they are great and close friends but I can't see them in a working relationship.  Spock and McCoy however...I can totally see in a romantic pairing.  I'm not exactly sure how that could come about, but I'd be willing to read it whether it be a long term thing or a short romantic tryst.

4. Farscape: I ADORE Farscape!  Zhann is my FAVORITE character and I hated that she left.  I would really like to see a fic centering on her.  I'd like to see her perspective of things that happen on Moya.  Maybe an introspective on the path her faith has taken?

Hope this helps!!

Rare Ship Swap List (as of 5/26/2012)

Hello everyone! DarkSeraphim here! I am one of the mods for the swap. Just thought I would let you know that SirValkyrie (VampirePaladin on ao3) is having net problems right now. So here is the current summary for the swap. Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns just PM me and I will help you out as best as I can. Thanks! :)

Here is the list thus far. It should be read as thus:

(Number of requests; Number of offers)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
(1, 0)
Dragon Age
(1, 0)
Dragon Ball
(1, 0)
Endgame (TV)
(1, 0)
Hana Wa Saku Ka
(1, 0)
Junketsu + Kareshi
(1, 0)
Justice League Unlimited
(1, 0)
One Piece
(1, 0)
(1, 0)
Stargate Universe
(1, 0)
Suikoden III
(1, 0)
The Borgias
(1, 0)
Twin Peaks
(1, 0)
Young Justice (Cartoon)
(1, 0)
Burn Notice
(2, 1)
Smile Pretty Cure
(2, 1)
(2, 1)
Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
(1, 1)
Alice (2009)
(1, 1)
Angel Sanctuary
(1, 1)
Battlestar Galactica (1978)
(1, 1)
(1, 1)
Doctor Who (2005)
(1, 1)
Donten ni Warau
(1, 1)
Drag-On Dragoon | Drakengard
(1, 1)
Elenium/Tamuli Series - David & Leigh Eddings
(1, 1)
Final Fantasy VII
(1, 1)
Final Fantasy XI
(1, 1)
Game of Thrones (TV)
(1, 1)
Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair
(1, 1)
Great Mouse Detective (1986)
(1, 1)
Hetalia: Axis Powers
(1, 1)
His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
(1, 1)
Honor Harrington Series - David Weber
(1, 1)
Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
(1, 1)
Inception (2010)
(1, 1)
Last Remnant
(1, 1)
Magna Carta 2
(1, 1)
My So-Called Life
(1, 1)
New Girl
(1, 1)
Parks and Recreation
(1, 1)
Persona 4
(1, 1)
(1, 1)
Revenge (TV)
(1, 1)
Rocky Series (Movies)
(1, 1)
Silver Diamond
(1, 1)
Smith (US TV)
(1, 1)
Supernatural RPF
(1, 1)
Tales of Vesperia
(1, 1)
The Avengers (2012)
(1, 1)
The Mentalist
(1, 1)
(1, 1)
Doctor Who (1963)
(3, 2)
Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
(3, 2)
(2, 2)
Stargate Atlantis
(2, 2)
(2, 2)
The X-Files
(2, 2)
Big Bang Theory
(1, 2)
DCU - Comicverse
(1, 2)
Evil Dead (Movies)
(1, 2)
Kingdom Hearts
(1, 2)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
(1, 2)
Transformers Generation One
(1, 2)
Angel: the Series
(2, 3)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
(2, 3)
Sherlock (TV)
(2, 3)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(4, 4)
(1, 5)

Dark Seraphim's Dear Author Letter: Rare ShipSwap 2012

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm hoping this will help make my requests easier to understand and do. I'm very excited for this shipswap! As for what I love...

I really like so many different kinds of things. I love crossovers, crack pairing fics for fun, Alternate Universe...I really like seeing my favorite pairings as well as two completely unrelated characters getting together under a believable setting. While there are pairings I cannot stand, I am willing to read just about anything as long as it is written well.

(This is a WIP)

One Flesh, One People [Final Fantasy 4, Cecil/Rosa, M]

Title:  One Flesh, One People
Author/Artist: darkseraphim04
Rating: M
Warnings:  Non-explicit sex, public sex
Word count: 629
Prompt:  Final Fantasy IV, Cecil/Rosa: Sex in public, Baron tradition was to consummate a marriage in front of the kingdom
Summary:  The Crown and the People of Baron were connected.  With each new marriage of the royalty, that connection must be reestablished.
Notes:  This is my first time writing something...this mature in fiction.  I hope I did alright.  All constructive criticism welcomed :)

It was a tradition no one outside of Baron spoke about. Most countries didn’t understand why they held this kind of thing so dear to their hearts. But their ruler defined the people of Baron. The royal family was as much as part of the people, as they were a part of the kingdom. The corruption, and murder, of the late King of Baron had deeply upset the people and it was necessary, even vital, that the connection between the Crown and the people was reestablished.

Rosa blushed a deep red as she entered the chamber. The antechamber was one of the sparsely used areas of the castle, as it was only used when the newest ruling monarch wedded. It was kept a pristine clean, though. What kind of message would it send if one of the oldest traditions of Baron was upheld in some kind of cheap, disgusting room? The stage was slightly raised, positioned so that all that sat within the antechamber could see it. Set upon the stage was a large bed, with silk bedsheets so white and pristine that it was nearly blinding.

Cecil was already there and waiting. His white-blond hair neatly brushed to his shoulders and for once he was without the glorious armor that he wore as a Paladin. Instead he wore a silk robe similar to the one Rosa now wore. He too, had a deep blush as she approached the bed.

The room was silent. No words would be exchanged here. All the words that needed saying had already been uttered during the wedding ceremony. No one else was permitted to speak either. That too, was part of the tradition.

Rosa stepped onto the stage and approached Cecil, her hands tightly holding her robe closed. Was she nervous? She would be lying if she said she wasn’t. She knew Cecil was too. This would be their first time together as husband and wife. Not to mention the importance of the ceremony, in front of all these people…watching them…

Rosa’s face flushed and she raised her eyes to look at Cecil. His eyes met hers, and as they did she felt an electric shock run through her body. Slowly, she released her hold on her robe and let it fall to the ground, revealing her naked body. Cecil’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but stare at the sight before him. Then he too allowed his robe to fall, giving Rosa the chance to gaze upon his own body.

Almost by magic, Rosa felt her anxieties vanish. How could they have been nervous of this? They were of Baron. Cecil may have been adopted into Baron, but he was one of them all the same. There was nothing here to be ashamed or nervous of. This tradition was deep within their blood, and Rosa loved Cecil. She had no qualms about this, not anymore.

Any coherent thought Rosa might have had was lost in that first kiss. Instinct and passion took them over, and soon Rosa found herself enveloped by warm flesh and soft silk sheets. Her head was thrown back in the throes of pleasure, her body intertwined with Cecil’s. Their cries of mutual pleasure echoed throughout the antechamber, their sounds of passion and love heard by all in attendance. They felt no shame, instead the knowledge that they were being watched thrilled them all the more.

Again and again they brought one another mutual pleasure until they were spent completely, collapsed on the bed in a sprawl of intertwined limbs. Their bodies were coated in sweat and the aftermath of their love making. They curled up together, somehow finding the energy to move. All that existed for them was one another, basking in the aftermath of this beautiful moment.

Persona 4: Burn Me

Title: Burn Me
Author: darkseraphim04
Fandom: Persona 4
Characters/Pairings: Chie/Yukiko
Ratings: M
Warnings: Hints of BDSM,
Prompt: Persona 4, Chie/Yukiko, the dangers inside the TV.
Summary: The TV world brought out one's inner thoughts...their deepest desires and urges...

“You were supposed to take me away…”

Another flash, another burn to add to the collection.  But she welcomed it.  She welcomed the pain.

“I know…I-I’m sorry.”

“You were supposed to save me!” 

Chie screamed as yet another burn scorched her body, adding to the numerous burns already marking her skin.  She didn’t fight back, she didn’t say another word.  She simply hung there, suspended by her wrists in chains.  She panted, shaking with the agony of it all.  But she didn’t beg to be released.  She deserved this, and more.  And more would come; her tormentor would make sure of it.  Not that it was permanent.  All wounds would be cured before they left this horrible word and already some of the burns were slowly being healed.  But there would be more to take their place.

“You failed me…my knight in shining armor.”

Chie winced at the hatred in those words, at the sarcasm being spat out with disgust and anger.  Worse yet, deep down it was all true.  She had failed.  She was supposed to be the protector and she had failed her one and only charge.  What did that make her?  In the old days, warriors who disgraced themselves ended their own lives.  Would she go that far in her self-discrepancies?  Perhaps not, but right now she felt that low. 

She dared to look up at her tormentor, the one who burned her and hurt her.  The one she had failed to save.  Delicate features and dark hair, the very image of a princess in need to saving.  Her eyes burned with anger and need as she stared hatefully at her failed protector.  Yukiko practically burned with her anger and disappointment.  Chie noted the Shadows that swirled just beyond, and she was reminded suddenly of the rules of this strange place.  As long as they were careful…

Shadows were creatures of instinct.  They were the darkest part of the human subconscious given form.  The voices no one wanted to listen to, and it made them angry and mindless.  They made this Other World dangerous and when they had first found out about this place, they very nearly turned away from the temptations it had to offer.  But it was Chie who noticed it, thanks to Teddie.  Shadows went berserk as humanity constantly rejected them, rejected their darker desires and whispers.  Otherwise, they were rather docile.

So they let go.  They cast off their own chains and opened themselves to their darkest whisperings.  And they were not lost, as they had feared.  They had allowed themselves to act on their deepest, darkest selves, allowed those other sides of them to manifest and take control.  They found release, control.  It was dangerous but it was something they desperately needed between them.  So many things, good and bad, left unsaid between them.  They needed those things out and in the open if they were going to survive this. 

Chie and Yukiko both locked eyes with one another, the Shadows around them swirling in anticipation and eagerness.  They would make up, they always did.  And when they returned to the Normal World things would continue as it always had.  But right now…there was only their desires in this dark, dangerous world.

Doctor Who (Classic): A Timelord's Revenge

Title: A Timelord's Revenge
Author: darkseraphim04
Fandom: Doctor who (Classic)
Characters/Pairings: 5th Doctor, OC
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: Possible character death and revenge
Prompt: Doctor Who, any Doctor, someone hurts or kills one of The Doctor's companions. It's astonishing the forms vengeance can take, for a Time Lord. If you fancy somehow framing this as a legend, epic song, etc, all the better!
Summary: "We knew of him, this man-god.  What we did not know was the depths his fury could reach."

The Oncoming Storm…

The Great Destroyer…

So many names, yet all of them had no hope of capturing the being that billions across the universe cited as a god…or a demon in flesh.  

He has had many faces and has powers beyond our understanding.  Time is his to wield, to bend and twist within his grasp.  Beings like us are only toys to him, our short lives fleeting in the span of his endless existence.  There are countless stories across the whole of existence of his wanderings, both heartwarming and bone-chilling.  These stories are shared by various cultures and people, a common legend that binds those who may otherwise degenerate into war and violence.  Some praise him, others fear him.

What of us?  Well…

He came to our world many cycles ago, appearing in the strange blue casket that was a consistent with every tale.  Even then the stories of this man-god had reached our people, both good and bad.  We value the trading of stories, of histories and legends that filter in from various parts of the universe.  We knew of him, we knew the stories.  We were unsure how to receive this creature that seemed to be beyond imagination.  Was he here to conquer?  Would we be meeting the Great Destroyer, or something worse?  But he greeted our people warmly, and he even had a companion with him.  Another consistent in the stories.  Perhaps even men-gods became lonely?  I could not say nor begin to guess.  But what I do know is that he guarded this companion with a ferocity that was beyond the horror of any story I remember from my youth.

I was there, you see.  I saw it all with my own eyes. 

From the moment he stepped out of his blue transport, I felt a cold chill through my veins.  I had memorized all of the stories told of him, and I could easily recall the form he now took.  A soft, innocent face; wide and naïve, unassuming eyes and golden hair that shined in the light of our suns.  On our planet such features were rare and were he one of our own he would have been highly sought after for a mate.  But I knew this form, and I knew that death followed all that walked behind this one.  He was Death wrapped in white and light, with innocent eyes and a childish smile. 

His companion seemed comfortable enough with him.  Most probably, this companion believed that they were safe from the Death that Walked.  They were polite enough, even curious as to our culture and planet.  The companion never strayed from the man-god.  Most believe this is out of fear, to spare themselves the man-god’s wrath and terrible strength.  But as I watched them, I was surprised at the ease and even friendly nature of their companionship.  I admit this eased my dark feelings from their presence.  Their visit had seemed innocent enough.  Even I had lowered my guard when it became clear that their only intent was to visit.  But then they came.

Now you know our history, the invasion that nearly cost us our lives and freedom.  It began on that day, the day that He arrived.  It would continue for some time after that, and whether he is the cause…I honestly cannot say.  Deep down, I would say it was his presence that sealed our fate to generations of war and strife.  Our histories say that they came swiftly and brutally, that we rose up only after we could take no more of their cruelty.

But what is not written in our histories, is the fury that came with the man-god in the blue box.

Immediately our people began to take shelter, and the man-god attempted to lead his companion back to his blue box.  But the invaders had struck too quickly and they had been forced to hide with us.  When they came to drag us out of our hiding places, we fought back as our histories say we did.  Even the man-god and his companion aided us, something that surprised me even as I grimly believed we would all die.   Some of the stories claimed this man-god abhorred violence, though many as I discovered in years after painted him as one who despised oppression.  But hope seemed lost…until the companion was struck down by the invaders.

It was then that time itself seemed to slow and stop.  Perhaps it did, controlled by the grief of the man-god as he knelt over the body of his fallen companion.  Fear gripped me, though I did not know why.  Why would a god care for a lesser being?  Was he just that generous beneath his deathly persona?  In any case, the man-god calmly stood alone to face the invaders.

He showed them no mercy.  We had heard the stories.  We knew of him, this man-god.  What we did not know was the depths his fury could reach.

It took less than an hour for him to implement his plans, to manipulate his powers over time itself to serve in his vengeance.  He used the blue casket to aid him, and to this day none of us comprehend just what he did…not do we want to.  His vengeance was brutal and unforgiving.  None of the invaders lived to see the suns set that day.  His eyes were the hardest of ice and Death crawled over every inch of his being.  He was both glorious and horrifying all at once as he stood in the light of the setting sun, over the bodies of his victims.  And when it was over, he simply left.  No words of parting.  He stared at the remains of his enemies, and vanished into his blue transport.  He never returned to our planet, and I hope beyond hope that I never see him again.

[Fic] Courtly Love

[For the girlnation ficathon.  Written for miezen. Hope you like! :) ]

“My lady, Rosalinde.”  The page said, bowing.  In his outstretched hands lay a delicate looking package, wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon and decorated with the most gorgeous rose that could be found.  It was lightly scented with perfume that would make a woman weak in the knees.  The page presented the package to Rosalinde. His head bowed.

Rosalinde took the package, her expression one of careful neutrality.  It was indeed lovely and she had no doubt that the gift within would be extravagant and gorgeous.  She barely listened to the page’s next words or open the adjoining letter.  She already knew that it was from Francis.  The rose and perfume were tell-tale signs of his courting gifts.  She had already received three of them so far.  Each one had been more beautiful than the last and Rosalinde had no doubt that this would follow the pattern.

It took all of her will power to keep her expression neutral.  She wanted nothing more than to toss the package out of the window…but there were protocols and etiquette to uphold.  She was a lady, and ladies behaved a certain way even if they were being courted by pompous men.  Instead she dismissed the page, giving instructions to respond with the appropriate letter of thanks as etiquette demanded. Her staff knew what to do by this point.

She sighed and opened the letter, though she already had an idea of what it said.  It caused her heart to sink.  She knew from the beginning where this would be going, though she had to admit that she had hoped that the man’s flighty nature would take hold and he would forget about her.  Unfortunately that was not the case, as it seemed.

Despite the elegance of the package and the present within, Rosalinde looked at the gift as though it were covered in swamp water.  It was another reminder of the unpleasant man who was courting her…well, of one of the men courting her.

Slowly she smiled as she closed her eyes and recalled the past two weeks.  Francis had been sending her lavish gifts, with elegantly composed letters that quite frankly were rather…risqué.  But in secret, someone else had been sending her gifts as well.  They were small, with none of the extravagance of Francis’ presents, but had more meaning and heart to them than the finest diamond. 

For the past two weeks she had been finding small poems resting in various places around the castle.  Small and sweet, each one a humble and modest proclamation of love.  She was also finding small gifts here and there, not lavish but sweet and touching.  Just the other day she had entered her bedchamber to find another poem and a small bag of her favorite candies.  Just thinking about the adorably cute poem made her smile.

“My lady?”

Rosalinde gave a small shriek and spun on her heel, nearly dropping both the letter and the present.  She was faced by Elizabeta, who calmly helped her to settle. 

“My apologies, lady.  I did not mean to startle you so.”  The knight smiled gently at her charge, who returned the smile.

“It’s alright, Elizabeta.  I was merely…preoccupied.”  Rosalinde didn’t have to specify, Elizabeta already knew everything.  As her personal knight and bodyguard, she was privy to everything that went on in Rosalinde’s life...well, almost everything.  She sighed sadly, holding up the letter.  “…He is participating in the jousting tournament tomorrow.  No doubt he intends to announce his intentions then.” 

“It would be well within his nature to do so, considering the nature of gifts he has sent to you.”  Elizabeta replied, not losing the smile. 

In a rather unladylike motion, Rosalinde tossed the package onto a small table along with the letter.  “That is what I dread the most.”  She didn’t want to wed Francis and there was little doubt that he wouldn’t ask her.  It would be within his style to do something like that in the middle of a tournament, and she couldn’t turn him down like that.  Proper etiquette wouldn’t allow it.  “I…I don’t know what to do, Elizabeta…what do I do?  I don’t want to be wed to that-that…”

Elizabeta gently took Rosalinde’s hand, bringing it to her lips and kissing it.  Rosalinde’s eyes widened and she blushed at the uncharacteristic behavior of her knight.  But Elizabeta merely continued to smile, gently stroking the knuckles oh the captured hand.  “…Have faith, my lady.  Things will turn out for the best, you will see.”


Rosalinde stood in front of the podium.  There was quite the crowd, the tournament had drawn quite a number of people to watch the festivities.  Of course, somehow she was under the impression that they really turned up to watch who would win her hand.  There was no shortage of rumors going about that Francis would propose to her if he won.  She could hardly bear to watch him preening himself, decked out quite handsomely in his armor.  Now, in all honesty she did not hate the man, but by God his arrogance left a bad taste in her mouth.  But he was a fine jouster, and that worried her.

As she thanked the contestants and the crowd for attending, she saw a new competitor ride into the stadium upon a brilliant steed.  Her eyes widened.  She could not see the face of this mystery knight, for he was wearing a full set of armor and was hiding his identity.  She faltered somewhat, staring at this knight.  Soon eyes were drawn to this mysterious knight, who only dismounted and bowed before her, signaling his intention to compete. 

He looked up briefly at her, and though Rosalinde could not see his face, she felt her heart flutter in her chest.  She could barely breathe under the weight of that stare.  Her eyes widened.  She had only felt this way a few times before…each time she had found one of the mystery gifts left to her by the unknown suitor.  This knight…he was the one.  She was certain of it. 

She soon regained her composure, straightening and speaking to the crowd in a more confident voice.  “I also declare, that the winner of this tournament…shall have my hand in marriage.” 

It didn’t cause quite the uproar she had hoped, but it did get the people talking in a flurry.  Francis looked shocked, and quite disappointed that his “surprise” had gone.  But Rosalinde only had eyes for the knight, who she was sure winked at her before joining the others. 

She sat down to watch the competition, congratulating victors and honorably thanking the losers for trying their best.  The entire contest was a flurry of anticipation.  Her stomach was full of knots and butterflies and each time her mystery knight competed, she was on the edge of her seat watching him.  Until at last, it came down to Francis and her knight.  The entire crowd went silent.  The two bowed to one another, mounted their horses…and charged. 

Rosalinde could feel the tension in the air, the silent animosity between the two riders as they charged for one another’s blood.  There could only be one winner, and each one intended to take the prize.  As their horses drew closer, Rosalinde covered her face in terror, barely stifling her shriek as she heard the clash of armor and weapons.  The entire crowd gasped, and there was nothing but silence.  When she finally looked up…she nearly fell out of her seat in shock.

Francis lay upon the ground, his horse trotting off, his helmet several feet away…defeated.  Upon his horse still was her knight…her champion. 

The crowd roared with the victory of the mystery knight, the winner of the competition.  Rosalinde herself was in a daze.  Her eyes were fixed firmly upon her knight as the rest of the world passed in a blur.  She was only barely aware of herself giving the victory speech, of her knight bowing in front of her and gently taking her hand.  The action snapped her out of her stupor, and she gazed down at her knight.

“…Sir knight…if you wish to have my hand as the rules allow…I must see your face.”  She had to see him.  She had to see the one who had sent her those gifts, who had won this tournament for her.  She had to see his face.

The knight seemed to chuckle, nodding and gently letting go of her hand to clasp his helmet.  In a swift move, it was gone.

Rosalinde’s eyes widened.  “E-Elizabeta?”  She could barely get the word out in her shock.  How could this be?  It had been…her? 

Elizabeta smiled.  “Of course…I told you, everything would work out.  If my lady still wishes to give me my prize…I would like that very much.”  She smiled widely up at Rosalinde, her eyes sparkling with mischief and love.  The same love that drove her to protect Rosalinde for all these years, to become a knight and to serve her.  The same love that had been infused in the small gifts and humble poems she had received. 

Rosalinde felt her eyes starting to fill with tears, taking her knight’s hand.  “…Those were the rules…were they not?  I would give you your prize, and more…”

Elizabeta swiftly rose to her feet, grasping the hand in hers and gently kissing her prize on the cheek.  “I already have all that I had ever wanted, my lady.”

DarkSeraphim's Dear Author Letter 2011

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this.  I have never really done a Dear Author Letter before and this is my first time on the Yuletide sign up so I am really excited.  I have done fanfics before and one or two signups, all of which I have posted on this livejournal and on AO3.  So I'm hoping this will help make my requests easier to understand and do.   As for what I love...

I really like so many different kinds of things.  I love crossovers, crack pairing fics for fun, Alternate Universe...I really like seeing my favorite pairings as well as two completely unrelated characters getting together under a believable setting.  While there are pairings I cannot stand, I am willing to read just about anything as long as it is written well. 

Request Fandom 1: Wild Arms 3-Virginia Maxwell and Clive Winslett

Since I pair Virginia with just about anyone, I'd really like to see a romantic interlude between these two characters. Perhaps they are trapped together in a life or death situation, with little hope for escape?

Now I really do pair Virginia with just about everyone from the Wild Arms series, and I've seen quite a bit of fanfic involving her and just about anyone.  Now, this one I always thought was a little tricky since Clive is a happily married man with a child.  But he also travels quite a bit and hardly ever sees his family.  Not that he doesn't care about them, but considering the circumstances I can see he would start to develop feelings for his teammate, Virginia.  But being the man that he is, he would never act on those feelings while he knew he would return to his wife and daughter since he is the kind of man who would not put that kind of pressure or strain on his family or Virginia.  However I can see him confessing and acting on those feelings if he felt that there was little to no chance they would get out alive.  What happens afterwards...I can see them continuing on amicably and not speaking about the events in question while continuing on.  I will leave that up to you.

Request Fandom 2: Cutie Honey: the Live-Duke Seiya Anthony Watari IV and Kenmochi Yuki

I'd like to see some sort of romantic moment between these two. I'd prefer it to be along the lines of sweet and fluffy, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so.

Now...this one is going to be challenging, I will admit.  A short summary of these two characters-Watari works for a criminal organization called Panther Claw and helps create superweapons that are sold to the highest bidder to aid in world conquest.  You know...the usual.  Yuki was originally a human, but was experimented on by a scientist and is essentially a bionic android. You can learn more about it here which can explain better than I can lol. .  In the show, Yuki goes insane and kills Duke, who is later revived as an android.  If you choose this request I realize how difficult it would be to make this sort of thing happen.  Which is why I was thinking of this particular request as AU to the canon in the show, and admittedly a fangirlish request since I love these two characters so much.

Request Fandom 3: Doctor Who RPF-Peter Davison

I'd like the timeframe to be during Peter Davison's reign as the Doctor, with any other character or characters. Maybe some crossover fun?

This again is more of a fangirlish request since Peter Davison is one of my favorite actors.  I would like the fic to be set during Peter's time as the Doctor of Doctor Who, preferably earlier in the role.  Perhaps interacting with the other actors, some pranks or hijinks?  Since I love crossovers, I would really like to see something like...perhaps Peter meeting the real live thing?  But as long as the fic is light and good humored, I am fine with anything.

I hope this helps!