October 13th, 2013

Dear Author: Yuletide 2013

Hello Yuletide Writer! First of all, thanks for reading this! It’s going to be awesome seeing what you write J Second…I am so sorry you got me lol. I’m not hard to write for, but I admit I probably can be difficult. But I will try as much as possible to be clear on what I would like and not like. Good luck!!

I have only a few hard NO’s: rape, noncon, anything involving bodily functions, explicit sex and dubcon. I don’t mind dark fics where things are implied, but I would rather not have to actually read them.

Other than that, I am usually up for anything. I LOVE crossovers and fusions! While I do adore certain pairings, I am usually up for any kind of crossover pairing. Hell, just a crossover itself would be awesome if you have a great idea for it. Pretty much…go FREAKING NUTS.

I have to avoidance to most pairings, except what I describe in each fandom, which are below:

Wild Arms: I love this fandom. Virginia is my fandom bicycle in this one. I can see her in pretty much any relationship with any character, minus the demons and the three prophets. Maya and Virginia have such good chemistry as rivals. I can easily see Maya taking advantage of that and courting or managing to date the flustered and confused Ginny. Or maybe even Virginia turning it around on the famed Drifter? An awkward date from Jet? Or even something with Janus?

Smile Precure: Okie dokie, Happy and Peace are my absolute favorites. I just adore the cute chemistry they have, and the friendship they share. I can see them as best friends, sharing cute moments and the like. I can see Yayoi with just about anyone, so I am not adverse to a relationship between the two.

Doki Doki Precure: Oh man Regina…probably my favorite character in the show. I would like to see a kind of redemption story for Regina. I can easily see Mana trying to help her become a good person, not necessarily the precure being involved. Maybe a cute friendship fic where she takes Regina out for a fun day? Or maybe even turning it into a date?

Heartcatch Precure: Blossom…I ADORE her! She is just so friendly and sweet, and she cares a lot about her friends. I would like to see something fluffy with her, if you are going to pair her with someone I would prefer Itsuki. But this fandom…I will love anything with Blossom in it.

RWBY: I just got into this fandom, so this is one where I am more lenient. I will pretty much love anything, since I have yet to dislike any of the characters. I would prefer a non-romantic fic with Ruby and Pyrrha, if you please though. Pyrrha is just too cute with Johann.

Suikoden 3: An underappreciated game in my opinion. I would love to see a romantic fic between these two. They are my favorite characters in the whole game, and I think an interaction between the two would be absolutely great, especially with Viki’s sneezing problem lol.

I hope this helps, dear writer!!