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DarkSeraphim's Dear Author Letter 2011

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this.  I have never really done a Dear Author Letter before and this is my first time on the Yuletide sign up so I am really excited.  I have done fanfics before and one or two signups, all of which I have posted on this livejournal and on AO3.  So I'm hoping this will help make my requests easier to understand and do.   As for what I love...

I really like so many different kinds of things.  I love crossovers, crack pairing fics for fun, Alternate Universe...I really like seeing my favorite pairings as well as two completely unrelated characters getting together under a believable setting.  While there are pairings I cannot stand, I am willing to read just about anything as long as it is written well. 

Request Fandom 1: Wild Arms 3-Virginia Maxwell and Clive Winslett

Since I pair Virginia with just about anyone, I'd really like to see a romantic interlude between these two characters. Perhaps they are trapped together in a life or death situation, with little hope for escape?

Now I really do pair Virginia with just about everyone from the Wild Arms series, and I've seen quite a bit of fanfic involving her and just about anyone.  Now, this one I always thought was a little tricky since Clive is a happily married man with a child.  But he also travels quite a bit and hardly ever sees his family.  Not that he doesn't care about them, but considering the circumstances I can see he would start to develop feelings for his teammate, Virginia.  But being the man that he is, he would never act on those feelings while he knew he would return to his wife and daughter since he is the kind of man who would not put that kind of pressure or strain on his family or Virginia.  However I can see him confessing and acting on those feelings if he felt that there was little to no chance they would get out alive.  What happens afterwards...I can see them continuing on amicably and not speaking about the events in question while continuing on.  I will leave that up to you.

Request Fandom 2: Cutie Honey: the Live-Duke Seiya Anthony Watari IV and Kenmochi Yuki

I'd like to see some sort of romantic moment between these two. I'd prefer it to be along the lines of sweet and fluffy, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so.

Now...this one is going to be challenging, I will admit.  A short summary of these two characters-Watari works for a criminal organization called Panther Claw and helps create superweapons that are sold to the highest bidder to aid in world conquest.  You know...the usual.  Yuki was originally a human, but was experimented on by a scientist and is essentially a bionic android. You can learn more about it here which can explain better than I can lol.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutie_Honey:_The_Live .  In the show, Yuki goes insane and kills Duke, who is later revived as an android.  If you choose this request I realize how difficult it would be to make this sort of thing happen.  Which is why I was thinking of this particular request as AU to the canon in the show, and admittedly a fangirlish request since I love these two characters so much.

Request Fandom 3: Doctor Who RPF-Peter Davison

I'd like the timeframe to be during Peter Davison's reign as the Doctor, with any other character or characters. Maybe some crossover fun?

This again is more of a fangirlish request since Peter Davison is one of my favorite actors.  I would like the fic to be set during Peter's time as the Doctor of Doctor Who, preferably earlier in the role.  Perhaps interacting with the other actors, some pranks or hijinks?  Since I love crossovers, I would really like to see something like...perhaps Peter meeting the real live thing?  But as long as the fic is light and good humored, I am fine with anything.

I hope this helps!


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