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One Flesh, One People [Final Fantasy 4, Cecil/Rosa, M]

Title:  One Flesh, One People
Author/Artist: darkseraphim04
Rating: M
Warnings:  Non-explicit sex, public sex
Word count: 629
Prompt:  Final Fantasy IV, Cecil/Rosa: Sex in public, Baron tradition was to consummate a marriage in front of the kingdom
Summary:  The Crown and the People of Baron were connected.  With each new marriage of the royalty, that connection must be reestablished.
Notes:  This is my first time writing something...this mature in fiction.  I hope I did alright.  All constructive criticism welcomed :)

It was a tradition no one outside of Baron spoke about. Most countries didn’t understand why they held this kind of thing so dear to their hearts. But their ruler defined the people of Baron. The royal family was as much as part of the people, as they were a part of the kingdom. The corruption, and murder, of the late King of Baron had deeply upset the people and it was necessary, even vital, that the connection between the Crown and the people was reestablished.

Rosa blushed a deep red as she entered the chamber. The antechamber was one of the sparsely used areas of the castle, as it was only used when the newest ruling monarch wedded. It was kept a pristine clean, though. What kind of message would it send if one of the oldest traditions of Baron was upheld in some kind of cheap, disgusting room? The stage was slightly raised, positioned so that all that sat within the antechamber could see it. Set upon the stage was a large bed, with silk bedsheets so white and pristine that it was nearly blinding.

Cecil was already there and waiting. His white-blond hair neatly brushed to his shoulders and for once he was without the glorious armor that he wore as a Paladin. Instead he wore a silk robe similar to the one Rosa now wore. He too, had a deep blush as she approached the bed.

The room was silent. No words would be exchanged here. All the words that needed saying had already been uttered during the wedding ceremony. No one else was permitted to speak either. That too, was part of the tradition.

Rosa stepped onto the stage and approached Cecil, her hands tightly holding her robe closed. Was she nervous? She would be lying if she said she wasn’t. She knew Cecil was too. This would be their first time together as husband and wife. Not to mention the importance of the ceremony, in front of all these people…watching them…

Rosa’s face flushed and she raised her eyes to look at Cecil. His eyes met hers, and as they did she felt an electric shock run through her body. Slowly, she released her hold on her robe and let it fall to the ground, revealing her naked body. Cecil’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but stare at the sight before him. Then he too allowed his robe to fall, giving Rosa the chance to gaze upon his own body.

Almost by magic, Rosa felt her anxieties vanish. How could they have been nervous of this? They were of Baron. Cecil may have been adopted into Baron, but he was one of them all the same. There was nothing here to be ashamed or nervous of. This tradition was deep within their blood, and Rosa loved Cecil. She had no qualms about this, not anymore.

Any coherent thought Rosa might have had was lost in that first kiss. Instinct and passion took them over, and soon Rosa found herself enveloped by warm flesh and soft silk sheets. Her head was thrown back in the throes of pleasure, her body intertwined with Cecil’s. Their cries of mutual pleasure echoed throughout the antechamber, their sounds of passion and love heard by all in attendance. They felt no shame, instead the knowledge that they were being watched thrilled them all the more.

Again and again they brought one another mutual pleasure until they were spent completely, collapsed on the bed in a sprawl of intertwined limbs. Their bodies were coated in sweat and the aftermath of their love making. They curled up together, somehow finding the energy to move. All that existed for them was one another, basking in the aftermath of this beautiful moment.
Tags: ff4, springkink

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