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Blasters and Wands Letter to the Author

Hey there!  First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm hoping this will help make my requests easier to understand and do. I'm very excited for this swap!  I am very eager to read/watch/listen to what you have to offer :)  Below are pretty much the thoughts I've had for my sign up.  Now, I have nothing against any kind of fic, art or other form. 

1. Doctor Who Classic: 5th Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric were personally my favorite grouping during the series.  I do prefer 5 and Nyssa in a romantic pairing, since I think they have the most chemistry.  However I do imagine that Adric may have a cute crush on Nyssa due to her intelligence.  Tegan I think functions as the sort of older sister of the group, protective of her friends rather than a romantic interest.  However I can see her in a relationship with Nyssa.  I'd be interested in either a romantic fluff or just a fun moment with the TARDIS crew.

2. New Who: I just really want something featuring Oswin.  I absolutely LOVED her character in Asylum.  I am game for just about anything with her.

3. Star Trek: Okay...I am NOT a Spock/Kirk shipper.  I think they are great and close friends but I can't see them in a working relationship.  Spock and McCoy however...I can totally see in a romantic pairing.  I'm not exactly sure how that could come about, but I'd be willing to read it whether it be a long term thing or a short romantic tryst.

4. Farscape: I ADORE Farscape!  Zhann is my FAVORITE character and I hated that she left.  I would really like to see a fic centering on her.  I'd like to see her perspective of things that happen on Moya.  Maybe an introspective on the path her faith has taken?

Hope this helps!!

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