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Femslash 2013 Letter

Hey there! I can’t believe I forgot to write my letter…I blame life lol.

But I like to think of myself as fairly easy to write for. I have only a few hard NO’s: rape, noncon, anything involving bodily functions, explicit sex and dubcon. I don’t mind dark fics where things are implied, but I would rather not have to actually read them. Other than that, I am usually up for anything. I LOVE crossovers and fusions! While I do adore certain pairings, I am usually up for any kind of crossover pairing. Hell, just a crossover itself would be awesome if you have a great idea for it. Pretty much…go FREAKING NUTS.

No real avoidance to pairings, and I don’t mind multiple relationships or threesomes or moresomes. Harems are perfectly acceptable.

Now here are my thoughts on each of my fandoms:

Elenium/Tamuli: Okay, I love this fandom. It is my favorite series of books and I adore each and every one of the characters. I would love to see any kind of relationship. I would prefer the canon pairings to remain intact, though I can see the girls having some fun on the side for one reason or another. But yeah…I will love ANYTHING with these characters.

Wild Arms: Again, love this fandom. Maya and Virginia have such good chemistry as rivals. I can easily see Maya taking advantage of that and courting or managing to date the flustered and confused Ginny. Or maybe even Virginia turning it around on the famed Drifter? Cecila and Jane is another pairing I really like. I would like to see them having a tender moment, or even being silly with each other. Raquel and Yulie…these girls need a happy scene together.

Precure: Yeah…this is another one where I could love anything. HOWEVER, I do have a preference for Dark Precure. I think I would like to see a redemption fic for her and Regina, the two girls helping each other to put aside their dark pasts and start anew.

Symphogear/Tokyo Mew Mew: Again, I would love anything. I am rather new to these fandoms, in that I am trying to catch up with a great deal so really I would be fine with anything from these two fandoms.


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