[Table Challenge]-Claim: Hungary-Table: Genre/Prompt: Horror

Title: Lonely Suffering
Author: DarkSeraphim28
Claim: Hungary
Character(s): Hungary, Romania, Surprise Character
Table/Prompt: Genre/3. Horror
Word Count: 544
Rating: G
Summary: Our greatest fears sometimes come back to haunt us...

With a scream, Hungary swung her sword with all of her strength. The blade sliced through the foul little imp like a hot knife through butter, separating the head from its body. She didn’t wait to see the body collapse to the floor. Instead she kept on running, panting from the exertion that she was putting her body through. She had to get out of there and fast. She could see the shadows moving and coalescing around her, racing across the walls and floor to chase after her. She could only just barely outrun them, desperately trying to ignore how they tried to grab at her heels. The sounds of following demons and imps only spurred her onward, forcing her to forget her body’s fatigue. But she could only do it for so long, and she could feel her body start to give out.

But…wait, yes! There it was! The door! With tears in her eyes she forced her body to give out one last burst of speed and raced for the door, grabbing it by the handle and yanked it open. Without a second to spare she dived through it, pulling the door closed behind her. Almost immediately the sounds stopped and the shadows ceased their pursuit. She was safe at last.

She collapsed onto the floor, panting to take in much needed oxygen. Her body was exhausted from the running and fighting she had done. In her mind she cursed that damn bastard Romania. She had come over to his house on his request, on a gesture of goodwill. Things had gone well enough, until the bastard locked her in the basement and set loose those…things. Horrible, monstrous creatures she had only seen in her nightmares…all with the intent on tearing her to pieces.

But she was safe now, and when she got her hands on Romania she was going to tear him to-wait…what was that noise?

Hungary tried to stand, but her body was just too overtaxed and exhausted. She couldn’t move a muscle, and her sword was lax in her grip. She tried to force her body to respond, but her muscles just became heavier until she found herself flat on the floor.  Angry, Hungary struggled against the mysterious force that held her to the floor, trying not to panic. What was happening!?

She slowed her struggles when a shadow appeared above her, its source chuckling maliciously. “So…you escaped my little pets…did you?” The hissing made Hungary’s hair stand on end. But there was something strange about the voice. “Oh well…that just means I get to play with you myself…”

Then suddenly it hit her. That was not Romania. And the shadow was too large and tall for it to be the scary nation. It could only be…no…no it can’t…slowly she looked up, her wide eyes meeting dark violet ones. The figure above her smiled darkly, his chuckle making her blood freeze.

“Now we have fun…like old times, da?”

Hungary’s screams echoed through the house for hours…never seeming to end.  Romania huddled in a corner of his small, dark room as he tried to ignore them.  Tears silently fell from his eyes.  He hadn't wanted to do this...not to someone like Hungary...but no one said no to the Soviet Union...

[Fic] A Day as a Nation

Title: A Day as a Nation
Author: DarkSeraphim04
Rating/Warnings: G
Pairing(s): AmericaxCrossover
Prompt: Mistaken for America, the 5th Doctor (Doctor Who) has to try to fool others that he is America. America x 5th Doctor

Being several centuries old, the Doctor was someone who had done much in his lifetime. He had dined with rulers of galaxies, supported rebellions against evil dictators, faced down a number of fierce creatures and nightmarish monsters that only existed in fairytales. He had seen the very edge of the universe and witnessed the fall of empires.

But of the many perils he had ever faced, the Doctor could safely say that he had never faced this sort of impending doom before.

He sighed as yet another argument was sparked, which naturally ended up with the entire table shouting at one another in various languages. Oh the Doctor could understand them all perfectly. After all, he was fluent in every variation of Earth’s language. But at this point he could barely make out just who was fighting who this time. He watched them all, rather bored and hungry. His chin rested lazily on his hand, his glasses halfway down his nose. The glasses had been insisted upon and the Doctor had simply complied to forgo an argument.

He wondered just how long it would take before someone noticed he wasn’t America.

It had been a rather amusing mix up, really. The Doctor had decided, now that he was companion-free for a time, to take a small vacation on Hallvafashujugama. It was a rather nice little system with largely uninhabited planets that had some of the most wonderful views in that section of the universe. It was just the thing to wind down while his companions were taking their own vacation on the Spa planet of Corsha. But instead somehow he had ended up on 21st century Earth, in New York City no doubt. Slight annoyance aside, the Doctor had decided to take in the sights of the rather magnificent city.

The Doctor sighed and ran a hand through his long blond hair as he recalled what had happened. Almost as soon as he had entered Central park he had immediately been surrounded by a loud, angry blond man with bright green eyes and a rather disconcerting man who the Doctor was sure grabbed his arse several times. They had called him ‘America’ and ‘Alfred’ several times before dragging him off.

The loud one, Arthur, had then proceeded to lecture him about skipping meetings while the man with the French accent, most accurately named Francis, proceeded to mock Arthur and make rather lewd comments to them both while the Doctor was dragged to one of the many buildings in New York. The Doctor’s protests were ignored and only seemed to get him an even worse lecture from Arthur, who just seemed to get even angrier at hearing the Doctor’s similar accent. Eventually the Doctor had merely gone along with things, mostly because he had no other choice.

“I’m hungry.”

The Doctor’s two simple words had caused the fighting to pause. All heads turned toward him, some annoyed, others amused.

“You’re always hungry, America! Why the bloody hell should this time be any different!” Arthur said, glaring at him with annoyance.
The Doctor had never before realized just how annoying his own accent was.

“All we’ve been doing is arguing. We should break for lunch.” The Doctor said in the American accent he had adopted for the situation, ignoring Arthur’s words. It had seemed a normal enough act for the man he was impersonating, since no one seemed surprised or looked at him strangely.

Before more arguing could start, the loud German who seemed to be in charge stood from his seat. He was one of the few who wasn’t in the fights and looked to have a headache of epic proportions. “Ja. We shall break for lunch. You have one hour!”

“Vee! Ludwig, let’s go get pasta!” The happy-go-lucky Italian who seemed to always be plastered to the German’s side grabbed the blond’s arm in his excitement. Ludwig just sighed and patted the other man on the head with a fondness that made the Doctor smile. It was rather cute, all in all.

Seeing his chance for freedom the Doctor took off to the door. He hoped to make it back to the TARDIS before someone noticed he wasn’t a nation. Though he had to admit it was rather fascinating to be party to the world meetings. He had been to Earth many times but he had very limited experience with the nation personifications. To see many of them interact with each other was amusing. Though the frightening young woman with the knives seemed scarily obsessed with her brother.

“Yo America! Hold up a sec!”

The Doctor skid to a halt as he heard someone call for him, well America but right now the Doctor was taking up that position. He turned to see a pale young albino man jog up to him. “Hey! We’re still on, right?” He said, playfully punching the Doctor’s shoulder.

“Uh…” The Doctor cursed himself for not coming up with something to say. The young man was obviously a nation America knew well if the other spoke so casually. He was the Doctor, surely he could have come up with something better than that?

The young man narrowed his red eyes at the blond in annoyance. “The tournament! Duh! We’ve only been planning this for AGES! Halo ring
any bells?”

“Oh! Right yeah! Of course we’re still on dude!” The Doctor said, flaunting his American accent, smirking. Inwardly he felt relief that the other nation had provided such valuable information. “Why wouldn’t we? This is so going to kick ass!”

The other nation grinned. “Hell yeah!” After high fiving with the Doctor, he ran off toward what he said was ‘vital research.’ For some reason the Doctor had a feeling it involved spying on the rather nice Hungarian woman and her Austrian husband. Nice couple, they were.

Sighing in relief, the Doctor turned to come face to face with the only other man who didn’t seem to be fighting earlier. He was blond, with glasses, and clutching…was that a polar bear?

“Um, hey there…” The Doctor said nervously. The others he could identify by their accents, but this man was a mystery. To the Doctor’s knowledge he hadn’t spoken during the meeting. Or rather, he had tried but no one paid any attention to him.

“Canada…” The other man said with a resigned smile.

The Doctor smiled. “Sorry about that Canada. I didn’t mean to run into you. How are you doing?”

“Oh...fine…um, where is America?” The Doctor’s shock must have shown because Canada smiled at him. “A-America’s my twin. Is he okay?”

The Doctor scratched his head nervously. “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen him. I was here on vacation when England and France jumped me assuming I was him. But I think he is fine.” He said, mostly to reassure the other nation. He liked the quiet young man. He seemed rather nice.

Canada chuckled. “Oh I’m not surprised he tried to skip the meeting. He does that a lot. Don’t worry. No one else seems to notice. I-If you’re willing to sit the rest of it out for today, I’ll make sure he gets the notes.” He said with a smile.

In the end the Doctor agreed, having found it difficult to say no to the nice young man. The rest of the meeting changed between boring and interesting, depending on whether or not there was any fighting. He believed that he managed to portray America quite well, as no one seemed suspicious. All the same he was glad to get out of there when the time came. He said goodbye and thanks to Canada, before heading back to his TARDIS. He closed the doors with a sigh, leaning his forehead against the wall. “What a day I’ve had…”

He heard a chuckle from behind him and felt arms circling his waist. The Doctor smiled and leaned back into the embrace. “You know when Arthur finds out you played hooky you are in so much trouble.”

America laughed and kissed the Doctor’s cheek. “Ah he’ll get over it. Besides you played such a convincing me that he will never notice.”

The Doctor laughed and cirled in his boyfriend's arms to chastely kiss his lips.  "I suppose so.  You owe me.  That meeting was boring."

America grinned mischeviously.  "New York has some of the best restaurants in the world.  My treat.  Besides now I can brag to the waiter about my alien boyfriend."

[Table Challenge]-Claim: Hungary-Table: Genre/Prompt: Angst

Title: Lonely Suffering
Author: DarkSeraphim28
Claim: Hungary
Character(s): Hungary
Table/Prompt: Genre/16. Angst
Word Count: 277
Rating: G
Summary: Even the strongest countries need to let go...

Tears fell freely down her cheeks as she cried, splashing onto the cold floor. Arms folded across her middle as though protecting her body from attack. The sound of hysterical crying echoed off of the walls around her. Before she was worried that eavesdroppers would hear, but she knew now from experience that these walls were thick. No sounds would escape this place when that door closed.

There was nothing special about the room. It held no furniture, no windows, only four walls and a cold stone floor. But it was enough. In here she didn’t have to hold anything in. Outside she had to be strong for her people. She had to put on the brave face; she had to weather the pain and the agony. But in here she could give in to the torrent of emotions that threatened each day to break the image of the warrior she had created for herself.

Hungary wasn’t weak by any stretch of the imagination. She had gone through many hardships and had personally taken part in numerous battles. She was a seasoned warrior. She could be cold and ruthless when the situation required her to be. But not even she was immune to the pain that war could bring.

When she left this room she would wipe away the tears, pick up her weapon and once again become the warrior she had made of herself. She would defend her people and her country against any who dared to think they could make her bend to their will. But in here, for a little while at least, she didn’t have to be strong. She could just let go.


Introductions...you usually only get one.  Or is that First Impressions?  Either way let's get this party started!

My name is DarkSeraphim.  My human name is Samantha.  I'm a college student, and an amateur writer.  I am hoping that livejournal will improve my writing skills.  I'm an easily likable person...once you get past the fact that I'm crazy.

I love to write and read.  I literally read anything I can get my hands on as long as it interests me for more than five minutes.  I love the fantasy genre and my favorite series is the Sword of Truth novel series by Terry Goodkind.  An excellent read and highly recommended.  I also like the science fiction genre, both books and television.  Torchwood and Doctor Who are my favorite series.  I also like Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly and Andromeda just to name a few.

I also like Japanese anime and manga.  My top favorites include Hellsing, Axis Powers Hetalia, YuYu Hakusho, Cutie Honey the Live and Dragonball.  The point is I am a Geek and a Nerd.  And proud of it!

I am a spiritual person, although I don't follow most organized religions.  I believe in all paths to God and that none are more or less valid than the other.  Personally, I am a follower of Wicca.  I believe in God, the Goddess, I worship the Earth and the spirits around us.  I'm slightly psychic.  I have the ability to read auras, sense ghosts and spirits, and I am quite accurate at Tarot reading.  Whether or not you believe me is your own opinion.

I love the supernatural.  Vampires and Werewolves are my favorites.  Lestat is the only Prince of Darkness for this girl.

I support the United States military and all that I ask is that you respect them.  You don't have to like them, but respect them at least.  I am in love with a handsome Marine, my boyfriend Stuart.  I truly believe that he is my soulmate.

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